A downloadable Early for Windows and Linux

DemoGame - Rendered in RayCasting Maker 5, Only 10  levels for play, nothing will be paged. (Version 0.3 Avaliable NoW)

If someone could, Discuss, Share, comment, everything you could do to help grow my enthusiasm to create and research this type of games.

(P.s. I maded the text novels, but i broke my HTML codes, you should never see my Novels, so, thats pity.

See you soon, have a nice day! (ALL Information you can read in Info.txt file inc Zip)

Install instructions

1. Zip and play.  Nothing more, serious.

I IDK, but , the higher resolution would ruin the game, yeh, like a play doom 93 in 2020 without emulator, helljell.


GameMode.zip 20 MB

Development log